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Nazeer Ahmed Tanoli

I am still in the process of describing myself. However, for your information, I am Nazeer, a human of course, a commerce graduate, a loving friend, a dreamer and a born blogger who knows a little about how to blog.

Accidentally I start my online career back in 2009.  Have been wandering here and there in search of a right spot in this wonderful world, people use to say “A Google Village instead of a Global Village”.

After getting some sort of stability, I choose blogging as my bread and butter (I use butter only to make it meaningful. In reality, I don’t like butter). Thanks to Allah Almighty, who gave me more than I expect. Not only the financial point of view, I feel it closer to my nature too.

You’ll be absolutely right to think that if it’s that much for me then why I am that HORRIBLE in blogging? Hahaha, it’s something I don’t know to be honest. But for me blogging is something near to my heart. I love view sharing and it gives me the luxury to do so on my own terms.

It didn’t prove to be the walking on the cake for me. My journey here was full of ups and downs. However, in the process, I found some really loyal people which I think are the asset of my life.

If you ask me to advise whether you should choose the blogging as your profession or not, I’ll definitely reply in positive but beside this, I recommend you to not choose it only as the money making machine. Instead, take it as the platform to explain your inner feelings which you think can guide others to success.  The money will follow you gradually.

For newbies, I will suggest to be patient and consistent. Always be ready for upcoming challenges. Life is not that easy here but if you stay calm and patient, there is no other way except the success.

When I start my career here, I faced too many hurdles to get stable. Sometimes I thought to look for other options but somehow I managed to get out of those testing periods. Now at this point of time when I look back to my online journey, I feel happy and satisfied to escape such bad moments.

The idea behind the start of www.earningstuff.com is also enabling the newcomers to get stable in the field of making money online. All the people along with my friends who are earning handsome amounts are requested to share their experiences and views through this platform, to help the newcomers throughout their careers.

I’ll try my best to give the best I could in this regard. I know I am not a good instructor and it will not be that easy for you to digest my lectures but at least you will find the simplicity and honesty behind my words. We will build an online family here. To do so, all you need is to get in touch with us. I hope it’ll be the best reward for your precious time.

About www.earningstuff.com

Online earning is revolving around the skills and ideas. If you have skills and unique ideas, and you have the ability to present it in front of a huge online community, this world is for you and you can be an online tycoon. In this regard, all you need to be patient, always ready to learn, hardworking and dedicated to your specific work and field.

It can be a lengthy process for you or you may be lucky enough to enjoy an early success in the start of your career here but in both cases, you must concentrate and work hard to achieve your goals. To do so, you must polish your ideas with proper and consistent research work and modified market demands associated with your chosen field.

www.earningstuff.com is basically a tutorial based platform where you can learn right from the beginning or enhance your skills according to your desire without spending a single penny.

The motivation behind this effort is when I was at the start of my online career; faced too many hurdles and difficulties to get on track. Unfortunately, I  didn’t find any suitable platform to learn according to my desire to resolve my problems.

I wasted too much time by wandering here and there on different tutorial based websites but instead of releasing my headache, actually they enhanced it. Most of the times I got derail from my target solution and drowned into unnecessary issues. I tried my best to get out of it but it seemingly results less and impossible than.

Now, after getting stable and earning a handsome amount continuously, I thought to start a website for newcomers, where they will be able to learn from the beginner to advance level skills on a single platform, as per their desire for absolutely free and without wasting any time.

Most common issue with the beginners from Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and surrounding countries is the language. The majority of the people from this region aren’t feeling comfortable with English.

However nowadays, there are many websites offering the tutorials in Urdu/Hindi version but the content is not of that good quality and also, they’re offering only the beginner level learning courses.

For advanced and professional level, they are charging too much which is not affordable for everyone. Here on www.earningstuff.com, every single tutorial will be free of cost with complete guidance and easy to learn ways.

I made it easy for everyone. No matter you are a student, housewife or you are searching for a job, you want to choose the online earning field as your profession or you are a part-timer, you have any computer and internet skill or not, you are a newcomer or already attached to the online world.

it’ll be equally suitable and up to the task for all of you.

By considering the language issues, I prepared all the videos tutorials in Urdu/Hindi. Also, the English used in articles and posts is very common and easy to understand. Still, if you face any kind of difficulty, feel free to contact me by comments and E-mail. I’ll get back to you for a prompt response.

In the end, your feedback and appreciation is very precious and highly awaited. It will guide us to serve you better.  Be a member of www.earningstuff.com family by submitting the membership form.


Stay blessed.