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Business Partnership with an Affiliate Network | Network Marketing

Business partnership with an affiliate network can open the door of success for you and so is the network marketing. Today we will take the business partnership with an affiliate network and network marketing from a different angle. But before we proceed further, we should know the basics of business partnership with an affiliate network and a bit about network marketing.

Business Partnership with an Affiliate Network
Business Partnership with an Affiliate Network

Table of Content

  1. How to Build Best Affiliate Program?

  2. Introduction to Affiliate Marketing

  3.  Scope of Affiliate marketing in Future

  4.  How to Make WordPress Website for Affiliates

  5. How does Affiliate Network work for an Affiliate

  6. Top 5 Best Ideas for Niche Selection in Affiliate Marketing 2017

  7. Most Popular & Profitable Affiliate Marketing Categories

  8. How to Start Your Career as Affiliate Marketer?

  9. Common Mistakes Every Affiliate Marketer Should Avoid

  10. How to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing?

  11. Top 30 Life Hacks of Affiliate Marketing

  12. How to Become a Merchant in Affiliate Marketing?

  13. Top 10 Affiliate Marketing Networks of the World

What is an Affiliate Network and How it Works

The affiliate network is a platform where merchants/advertisers use to offer their products to the affiliates for promotion and sale whereas affiliates join it to earn their commission.

In other words, Affiliate network is a junction for both merchants and affiliates to earn their revenue and commission respectively.

An affiliate network with proven track record also handles the payments, delivery, quality assurance, shady activities and claims issues by adopting new scientific technologies. It brings in the peace of mind factor for all concerned parties.

What is Network Marketing

In simple words, network marketing is the technique of marketing to reach the target customers by hiring and utilizing the independent individuals.

Network Marketing
Network Marketing

Network marketing works where other traditional methods of marketing (both online and offline) don’t.

Life Assurance, Bank Loan Schemes, and Medical Assurance are the examples of network marketing.

As you know, network marketing is a huge chapter so we will hold it for some other time and keep our focus on our core topic ‘how to make a business partnership with an affiliate network’.

After making an understanding about what is an affiliate network, we’ll go further deep to learn how to establish a business partnership with an affiliate network.

There are thousands of networks apart from network marketing (Amazon Associates, Alibaba, eBay, ClickBank etc.) which are working all around the globe. Therefore, selection of a right one can be a tough ask. However, we can minimize these difficulties by considering some core issues in this regard.

Things to consider before making a business partnership with an affiliate network.

  • Look for payout procedure before making a business partnership with an affiliate network.
  • Making a business partnership with an affiliate network is free but the promotion of a product is a hard thing to do. There are many scams out there so don’t run behind the good commission. Instead look for reliability, goodwill, reputation and what other said about that specific network.
  • Keep an eye on minimum payout threshold. This is the main reason why newbies give up their career. Unlike ad networks, the average payout threshold is $50. There are exceptions but more or less this is a benchmark.
  • Choose the product of your choice. It will work as a double-edged sword for you. First, you will have the better product knowledge and secondly, you’ll enjoy the promotion.
  • Ensure the capabilities of Software used in the network whether its interface is convenient and accurate for you or not.

How to Make Business Partnership with an Affiliate Network as an affiliate

Business Partnership with an Affiliate Network
Business Partnership with an Affiliate Network

The majority of the affiliate networks are offering their business partnership for free. If you have a website, it will work as icing on the cake for you. Affiliate marketing networks judge your credibility on behalf of your online presence. However, it isn’t necessary. Affiliate networks like CommissionJunction and LinkShare are easy to join because typically, there is no screening for the applicants. After submission of your application, you’ll receive a notification within next 48 hours whether you’re approved or not.

They don’t need you to have a website so you can make the business partnership with multiple affiliate networks.

After approval, you can apply to different advertisers within a network to promote their products.

However, things are different in the case of CPA networks. It is slightly harder to get approved for them. Unlike above-mentioned networks, they use to screen out their applicants to avoid fraudulent activities.

Once, you submit your application with a CPA network, usually, they call you within next 48 hours and ask series of questions. The cut a slightly bigger share of your income but the good thing with the majority of networks are, they assign you a manager who support you technically and also helps you to earn big.

Once you get approved, you will be able to promote 99% of their products with the approval of your manager.


Don’t ever think that you can manipulate your earning. Every network and their advertisers have very strict policies about what you can do and what you can’t. If they caught you red handed, being involved in shady techniques to earn extra commission, they will ban your account and hold all of your money without even asking a single question. Also, your chances of joining again are very slim to none.


Hope this article will help you to find a suitable affiliate network to make a business partnership. Also, how to differentiate affiliate network and marketing network.  Your feedback is highly awaited. Comment below for the queries and addition.

Stay Blessed

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