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How Does Affiliate Marketing Work for an Affiliate

Before jumping into the affiliate marketing field, it is very important to know how does affiliate marketing work.

How does affiliate marketing work for an affiliate
How does affiliate marketing work for an affiliate

How Does Affiliate Marketing Works?

Affiliate marketing revolves around three players.

A Merchant: A person or company that creates and owns the product.

An Affiliate Network: Work as the middle man for both merchants and affiliates.

An Affiliate: A Promoter of Merchant’s products.

(For detailed Definition, See… Introduction to Affiliate Marketing).

In another case (how does affiliate marketing work) there are only two parties involved in the process, a merchant and an affiliate.

Here, in this article, regardless of the formation, we’ll see how does affiliate marketing work.

In common, merchant assigns a specific link of his product to affiliate where affiliate needs to place that link on his website. If any of the visitors click on that link, he/she will be directed to the merchant’s website/affiliate program. And if he/she makes a purchase over there, Affiliate will be benefited with the commission which mostly is the percentage of the product sale price.

You can better understand the process of how does affiliate marketing work by having a look at below given formation graph.

How does affiliate marketing work for an affiliate
How does affiliate marketing work for an affiliate (Courtesy of Sugarrae)

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How to Place an Affiliate Link

Most common and effective way of placing an affiliate link is including it in between the contextual content. It comes with most of the work already done for the affiliate. However, people are using various ways to attract the buyers nowadays. Affiliate banner is the prime example of such placement.

Review writing is very common these days. In this form of affiliate marketing, an affiliate use to write reviews on his merchant’s products.  In between the content, he places his affiliate links. It attracts the buyers because a buyer can better understand about the product quality and price by reading the review. That’s why people use to say “Strong content is the heart of affiliate campaign”.

Now we’ll take a look at the other part of how does affiliate marketing work.

To be a successful affiliate, you should have a website. However, you don’t actually need a website to be an affiliate but it helps you a lot in many aspects especially, if you decide to go for the longer run.  Also, your digital real estate put some extra weight as per your credibility as an affiliate is concerned.

How does merchant know who is behind the sale?

Every affiliate has assigned a unique link for every single product by the merchant. It not only works as a product code but also has a unique built-in tracking too. It enables both the merchant and the concerned affiliate to identify the channel of the sale.

If there is affiliate network included as the third party, life can be turned much easier for both merchant and affiliate. Because, now it is the responsibility of the affiliate network to look after all the relevant issues e.g. payments, commission, delivery, claims etc.

Still, as the majority of the other businesses, affiliate marketing is also a performance based business. You’ll get commission only if any of your visitors made a purchase. This is how does an affiliate marketing work usually, as a campaign.

Traffic on your website is the key. It is simple. More traffic, more sales and much brighter chances of making money in a result.


Hope This article will make things clearer than before for you, as per how does affiliate marketing work is concerned.

Feel free to comment about your queries or if you want to add something under the topic, how does affiliate marketing work. Also, help us to spread our words through your online profiles.

Stay Blessed

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