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How to Make a WordPress Website Being an Affiliate

A big number of newbies don’t start their affiliate marketing career only because they don’t know how to make a WordPress website. In their opinion, it is a daunting task and a big-big road block.

How to make a WordPress Website for an Affiliate
How to make a WordPress Website for an Affiliate

However, reality is totally opposite of this. In today’s article, we’ll learn how to make a WordPress website and what kind of ingredients we required to make it a successful one, especially for an affiliate.

So tighten your seatbelts and get ready for an interesting journey.

What is an affiliate website?

An affiliate marketing website is a source of generating online commission by promoting a bunch of products link in front of its visitors. Remember, an affiliate will only earn the commission if a visitor completes the cycle of purchase. Both physical and digital types of products can be on offer over there. Where the visitors need to follow the links to their desired products to complete a purchase.

How to make a WordPress Website
How to make a WordPress Website

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Now we’ll learn how to make a WordPress Website or blog for an affiliate without having tons of experience, coding, and technical skills. In fact, you’ll be able to build your first affiliate website right during the study of this article. We’ll cover all the process in 4 easy steps. So here we go…

How to Make a WordPress Website Being an Affiliate?

  • Step 1: Buy a Domain Name and Hosting

You need to have a domain name (according to your niche) and hosting to start the process. You have the option to buy your domain and hosting from different service providers if you want but I recommend you to buy both from a single service provider. There are several companies out there who are offering their services in both hosting and domains.

How to make a WordPress Website for an Affiliate
Hosting Plans
Package information

Also, there are variations in the service charges. Some are very cheap and others are expensive. It depends on the quality of service and the goodwill of a company. You need to balance both quality and cost.

HostGator, Bluehost, HosterPK and Godaddy etc. are the reliable companies from where you can buy both domain name and hosting plan for your website.

All you need is to visit above mentioned or any of your liking hosting and domain providing website and follow the step by step guidelines.

Put in your domain name to see whether it is available or not. If available, select a plan which you think is convenient for you. Click on the additional services you want to avail on your site like SSL, Bandwidth, Sitelock etc.

Payment Options
Payment Options


Fill out the application form and select your payment option. That’s it. You have completed the first step successfully as per how to make a WordPress website being an affiliate is concerned.

Finding it difficult? Don’t worry, let me know about your problem below and I’ll get back to you.

  • Step 2: WordPress Installation

Your account has set-up and now you need to install WordPress application on your hosting account. WordPress gives you the luxury and freedom to build your website without having any expertise in programming and coding. Its unique features do almost everything for you in this regard.

Go to your hosting website home screen and log in to your account. You will be directed to a page with the logos of many scripts and services on offer. As shown below.

Click on WordPress logo and then WP Install button.

In some cases, they will ask you for the name of your domain (mostly when you have more than one domain names) where you want to Install WP.

You’re done with installation. Now go to your email box, there you’ll find a mail from WordPress about the login information, you need to provide whenever you want to login to your site’s admin panel.

Now go to your login URL and log in by using your username and password.

That’s it you’re done with the 2nd step of how to make a WordPress website being an affiliate.

Feel free to comment below if you find it hard.

  • Step 3: Customize Your Website as an Affiliate Marketing Site

Now, it is the time to get a theme which can be helpful in your affiliate marketing campaign. There are many paid and free themes available on WordPress. From where you can choose one of your choices but you should keep an eye on your core objective.

Useful Tips About How to Make a WordPress Website Being an Affiliate

  • Choose a theme which best fits your core objective. Still, you can customize its color, number of columns, fonts, widgets and other key functions.
ThemeForest landing Page
ThemeForest landing Page
  • It is very important that your theme must be responsive to all type of screens e.g. desktop, mobile, tablet etc. Responsive Theme automatically adjusts according to visitor’s device screen.
  • Pick a well-liked, popular and frequently updated theme for your site.
  • Be careful with pirated and cracked themes. They’re free but beside this, they’ll open the door for dangerous and harmful malwares and viruses to your content and site. Also, there can be hidden coding by the crackers to stole your content.
The StudioPress Landing Page
The StudioPress Landing Page
  • Featured image, logo, and favicon are important for the identity of your site and content. Make sure that your theme must support these features.
  • Divi, Off the Shelf, SteadyIncome, Expert, MarketPlus, InReview, REHub, and Comre are the prime examples of such themes, specially designed for the affiliate marketing sites. They can help you a long way in the promotion of your site and product as well.
  • Equip your site with WP plugins, specifically designed for affiliate marketers. It will help you to keep an eye on your progress besides many other benefits e.g. shorten your links, replacing keywords with affiliate links etc.
The Elegant Theme Landing Page
The Elegant Theme Landing Page
  • Better Links Pro, OIO Publisher, WP AdCentre, AdPress, and OptinMonster are the plugins which can be helpful for you throughout your affiliate marketing career.
  • And last but not the least, there are many types of affiliate marketing, e.g. Affiliate blogging, product reviewing, price comparison etc. Pick one which you are good in.


This way, it comes to an end, as per how to make a WordPress website being an affiliate is concerned. Hope, I entertain all of your questions in this regard. Didn’t I? Feel free to comment your queries. I will get back to you in a while.

Did you like this article? Let me know by commenting below and help me to spread it by sharing it through your social profiles.

Stay Blessed

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