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Top 30 Ways of Making Money Online: (Free, Simple, Reliable)

Top 30 Ways of Making Money Online

Today I am sharing some ideas which everyone wants to know in details. Yes you are right we will discuss the 30 most common and effective ways of making money online, people are using around the world to be rich.

The good part of these ideas is they are totally free. With most of them you don’t need to spend even a single penny to adopt. And also, you can start it right from word GO. However, some sources which are included in this list, you need to spend small amounts in the shape of investments. For example; if you want to work with Stock Market, (which is a part of this list) you need to invest as per requirement or your desire.  We’ll go through the list one by one and discuss all the main sources where we can make money online. All the Sources are given with most re-known and proven platforms, from where you can choose the best for you.

So tighten your seat belts and get ready for a wonderful journey. At the end of the list, I am sure you will have something which matters in your life.


1:      Make Money Via Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate marketing is all about to promote or sell the products through your online profile such as blog, channel or website to earn money for free.


Just post an ad or link on your online source and if someone makes a purchase through your source, you will be offered a handsome commission. This is one of the easiest way of earning. Many people around the world are earning through affiliate marketing. Nowadays shopping is a very tough task. People are using online shopping instead the inconvenience to purchase their required product from physical market. Therefore, the graph of online shopping is getting higher and people are attracting towards this source of shopping.  Because of this, earning via affiliate marketing is getting common.

There are thousands of platforms you can use as your jumping pad in this field. We will learn how to make money via affiliate marketing in tutorial videos. Here, I am giving you the most reliable and highly paying platforms below. Just get registered with them and make money the way you want for absolutely free. Go through the list one by one and select according to your preference.

  • amazon.com
  • affiliatenetwork.com
  • affiliatewindow.com
  • clickbank.com
  • linkshare.com
  • sharelink.com
  • ebay.com
  • flexoffers.com
  • linkconnector.com
  • admedia.com
  • tradedoubler.com
  • webgains.com
  • impactradius.com
  • valueads.com
  • hostgator.com
  • studiopress.com
  • themeskin聧dom.com
  • theme-junkie.com
  • elegantthemes.com
  • mythemeshop.com
  • famethemes.com
  • hosterpk.com
  • premiumwp.com
  • godaddy.com
  • bluehost.com
  • hostgator.com
  • namecheap.com
  • sitegr聯und.com
  • site5.com
  • iPage.com
  • themeforest.net
  • themeskingdom.com
  • theme-junkie.com
  • elegantthemes.com
  • mythemeshop.com
  • famethemes.com
  • codecanyon.net
  • Audiojungle.net
  • studiopress.com

2:       Making Money Online By Freelancing:

Another easy way of earning, people are using all around the world for earning. If you have a skill and you can present it in front of huge online community in the right way, freelancing can be an absolute choice of your earning.


Millions of people are earning through these resources such as fiverr.com, upwork.com and peopleperhour.com etc.

You can sell any of your skills which you are good in, by creating a free account. Payments will be transfer in your account after every completed task.

So don’t wait too much. Visit the given below sites and find a suitable one for you.

  • freelancer.com
  • upwork.com
  • fiverr.com
  • guru.com
  • peopleperhour.com
  • freelancewritinggigs.com
  • project4hire.com
  • 99design.com
  • joomlancers.com
  • programmermeetdesigner.com
  • seoclerks.com
  • toptal.com
  • topcoder.com
  • krop.com
  • dice.com
  • wphired.com
  • wearehirable.com
  • crew.co
  • gun.io
  • Craiglist.org
  • Demandmedia.com
  • collegerecruiter.com
  • getacoder.com
  • simplyhired.com
  • Damongo.com
  • demandstudies.com
  • fourerr.com
  • findeavor.com
  • flexjobs.com
  • freelanced.com
  • genuinejobs.com
  • gigblasters.com
  • gigbucks.com
  • gigbux.com
  • gigdollars.com
  • greatlance.com
  • helpcove.com
  • ifreelance.com
  • imgigz.com
  • justanswer.com
  • jobboy.com
  • microworkers.com
  • minijobz.com
  • rapidworkers.com
  • shorttask.com
  • rehant.com
  • staff.com
  • studentfreelance.com
  • taskr.in
  • tenbux.com
  • tutor.com
  • weworkremotely.com
  • zeerk.com
  • freelancewritingjobs.ca
  • governmentbids.com
  • jounalismjobs.com
  • onlinewritingjobs.com
  • jobs.problogger.com
  • redgage.com
  • taskarmy.com
  • textbroker.com
  • triond.com
  • writerbay.com
  • artwanted.com
  • authenticjobs.com
  • behance.net
  • computerassistant.com
  • crowdspring.com
  • coroflot.com
  • designcrowd.com
  • envato.com
  • themeforest.net
  • codecanyon.net
  • videohive.net
  • photodune.net
  • graphicriver.net
  • onsite.io
  • folyo.me
  • trygetster.com
  • hiremyfriend.io
  • yunojuno.com
  • crowdsite.com
  • jsninja.com
  • gigscribe.com
  • workingnomads.co
  • bark.com
  • campusjobs.com
  • airpair.com
  • gotraction.com
  • craiglist.org
  • demandmedia.com
  • collegerecruiter.com
  • getacoder.com
  • simplyhired.com
  • damongo.com
  • demandstudies.com
  • fourerr.com
  • findeavor.com
  • flexjobs.com


3:  Making Money Via Ad Networks:

It is consistent way of earning if you have traffic on your channels, blogs or websites. You will get money according the traffic you already have on your online source of interaction.

Make money with Ad Networks
Make money with Ad Networks

Just post the ads there and get maximum out of it. To get advertisements of your likings, just go through the ad networks and select some of them you think are convenient for you. Google Adsense is on top and highly paying network if you can have its advertisements.

Get registered with the ad networks you choose for free. Read the terms and conditions carefully before filling your partnership form and that’s it. You are ready to earn by ad networks.

Bellow is the list of such networks you can affiliate with. Go through the list and choose some of them as your jump pad.

  • google.com/adsense/start
  • buysellads.com
  • medianet.com
  • infolinks.com
  • revenuehits.com
  • chitika.com
  • bidvertiser.com
  • adroll.com
  • contera.com
  • taboola.com
  • tribalfusion.com
  • blogads.com
  • sulvo.com
  • undertone.com
  • medianexusnetwork.com
  • haxhax.com
  • propellerads.com
  • pulsepoint.com
  • wwwpromoter.com
  • adfocused.com
  • adhitz.com
  • youtube.com
  • dailymotion.com
  • 7search.com
  • advertise.com
  • ezanga.com
  • revcontent.com
  • adknowledge.com
  • tlvmedia.com
  • 50onred.com
  • matomy.com
  • pulse360.com
  • criteo.com
  • clicksor.com
  • conversantmedia.com
  • exponential.com
  • sitescout.com
  • gnitionone.com
  • market.epom.com
  • dntx.com
  • trafficvance.com
  • adengage.com
  • pocketcents.com
  • adblade.com
  • adsmonster.com
  • adbrite.com
  • kontextua.com
  • resultlinks.com
  • rocketfuel.com
  • outbrain.com
  • adlandmark.com
  • miva.com
  • contextweb.com
  • affinity.com
  • industrybrains.com
  • clickbooth.com
  • cpxi.com
  • superlinks.com
  • inmobi.com
  • millennialmedia.com
  • airpush.com
  • vibrantmedia.com
  • leadbolt.com
  • advertising.apple.com
  • mobvista.com
  • perfectaudience.com
  • chango.com
  • trafficforme.com
  • looksmart.com
  • dynamicoxygen.com
  • admanage.com


4:       Make Money Blogging.

You are good in article writing and paid reviewing, and you can convey specific topics in front of online community in a smart way. Or you have re-writing or proof reading specialties. This can be an amazing way to make huge money for you.


Thousands of people around the world getting millionaire by using this rich field. You can write your blogs for different forums on vast range of topics. You will be paid through these forums.

To earn money by posting your articles on such forums, just create a free account and relevant information on the site you select. Choose a topic you want to write and start your earning right from the word Go.

Following is the list of such well known CMS (Content Management Systems) to start your earnings.

  • blogger.com
  • wordpress.com
  • wordpress.org
  • blog.com
  • jamoola.com
  • wix.com
  • ravencms.com
  • movabletype.org
  • blogengine.net
  • sitesupra.com
  • ghost.org
  • flazio.com
  • weebly.com
  • webs.com
  • typepad.com
  • htmly.com
  • bolt.com
  • blogvertise.com
  • blogtoprofit.com
  • digitaljournal.com
  • expotv.com
  • linklift.net
  • linkvehcle.com
  • linkworth.com
  • loudlaunch.com
  • socialspark.com
  • payperpost.com
  • postjoint.com
  • reviewme.com
  • sponsoredreviews.com


5:       Earn Money By SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO is very important part of online businesses. I could have cover it in MAKING MONEY BY FREELANCING section but because the importance of the topic I decided to give it a new head. Hundreds of websites are getting online on daily basis.


Thus SEO professionals are getting richer consistently. If you can do SEO, you can be among them. There are many platforms nowadays offering the services for such professionals. Also, you can offer your SEO services on various freelancing websites as given in the MAKING MONEY BY FREELANCING section.

You can start your own website to get optimum benefits out of it or you can create a course and sell it on Udemy.

We will learn complete SEO in our tutorial section. Here I am sharing a list of such platforms below. You must check out all and select some of them as your earning source.

  • seojobfinder.com
  • seoclerks.com
  • helponlinejobs.com
  • fiverr.com
  • upwork.com
  • guru.com
  • peopleperhour.com

6:       Earn Money Through Teaching Online

Online teaching is turning out to be a very common profession nowadays. Many websites are offering online teaching services. You can join these platforms as an online teacher for free. And also you can prepare a course on a specific topic and sell it through Udemy.


Below is the list of such websites, enable you to choose a right one for you.

  • udemy.com
  • skillshare.com
  • youtube.com
  • teachable.com
  • pluralsight.com
  • wiziq.com
  • academyofmine.com
  • litmos.com
  • stackskills.com
  • stacksocial.com
  • stackcommerce.com
  • edurila.com
  • coggno.com
  • coursemerchant.com
  • digitalchalk.com
  • edloud.com

7:       Earn Money By Selling E-Books:

You can make money by creating and selling E-BOOKS. If you are a skillful writer and want to sell your publications online, below given sources are best for you. They enable you to sell your publications on internet by using their platforms. You will be charged a small amount of commission on your sold publications. You can make an account and upload your books for free.


You can also earn by sharing your content online on some sites where people can read it and you will be rewarded with a healthy share which will be generated by ADVERTISING NETWORKS.

Below are the trusted sources which you can use to start online selling.

  • secure-ebook.com
  • payhip.com
  • flickrocket.com
  • bookbaby.com
  • xomba.com
  • writertown.com
  • about.com
  • bukisa.com
  • tibdrop.com
  • weblogs.com
  • squidstop.com
  • squidoo.com
  • flixya.com
  • infobarrel.com
  • hubpages.com
  • postloop.com
  • tsu.co
  • shetoldme.com
  • rateitall.com

8:       Earn Money By Selling Photos:

You love photography or you have different type of high quality photos. I have good news for you. Make your hobby worth and earn money by selling your photos online. Don’t wait too much. Just create a free account on one of given below sites and be rich in no time.

    EARN MONEY BY SELLING PHOTOSshutterstock.com
  • stockexpert.com
  • istockphoto.com
  • shutterpoint.com
  • 123rf.com
  • fotolia.com
  • dreamstime.com
  • com
  • bigstockphoto.com

9:       Make Money By Publishing Videos

This is an exciting way of earning. But don’t take it light. People earned millions of dollars by adopting it as their profession. You can be one of them if you can make interesting videos.


To do so, just create an account or channel on given below websites and monetize it with ad network. You can also sell your videos. If any of your videos got viral, you will be a millionaire in no time.

  • youtube.com
  • dailymotion.com
  • associatedcontent.com
  • vimeo.com
  • metacafe.com
  • clipcanvas.com

10:     Make Money By Selling Websites/Domains

There is a common saying used in internet world that old websites are queens and old domains are princesses. It is not that wrong. People use to invest in purchasing website and domains and sell on the right time to a right buyer. An average website/domain you can sell around $ 500 up to $ 2000. As we all know that the name of a website once taken can’t be taken again so the unique and easy to remember website names are attracting more people. Because of demand, chances of earning are on the higher side.


Other than that if you are a web designer and you can design good websites, you can also sell your services on given below platforms.

  • flippa.com
  • buysellwebsite.com
  • dealsite.com
  • snapnames.com
  • auctions.godaddy.com
  • websitebroker.com
  • namepros.com
  • getdotted.com
  • w3flip.com
  • empireflippers.com
  • aftermarket.com
  • afternic.com
  • bido.com
  • pool.com

11:     Making Money Online By Selling ArtWork:

If painting or artwork is your hobby, you can make online money through your skills. Upload your creative artwork on below given websites and earn the way you want.



  • shopify.com
  • zatista.com
  • zazzle.com
  • photodune.net
  • graphicriver.net
  • artlondon.com
  • artnet.com
  • artweb.com
  • art-mart.com
  • art-exchange.com
  • fineartamerica.com

12:     Make Money Through ForEx Trading:

If you have experience of FOREX MARKET, you can earn a lot by trading in different currencies, commodities or precious metals. However, it is a fastest way of earning but because of volatile market behaviors and risks, it’s only advised to them who have the prior experience of Forex Market.


Following is the list of platforms from where you can start your Forex business.

  • fxpro.co.uk
  • forextime.com
  • forextrading.pk
  • forex.com
  • forexyard.com
  • fxcm.com
  • avatrade.com
  • fxpro.co.uk

13:     Earn Money By Downloading Files:

This is another way of earning through internet. However it’s not the preferred way of earning, still you can earn by using it in your spare time.

If you want to earn this way, just go to mentioned below websites, get registered with them and start earning.

  • sharecash.org
  • ziddu.com
  • hotfile.com
  • uploading.com
  • upload.cash

14:     Increase Your Earning By Reading Emails:

Looking for an easiest way of earning online? Here you got it. Yes, you can make money only by reading emails.

Following are the websites, offering this service. Just go through the list and choose some of them as your earning source.

  • paid-to-read-email.com
  • donkeymails.com
  • e-mailpaysu.com
  • matrixmails.com
  • rupeemail.com
  • dealsncash.com
  • uniqpaid.com
  • moneymail.in
  • paisalive.com
  • cash4offers.com
  • sendearnings.com
  • inboxdollars.com

15:    Making Money Online By Uploading Files (PPU):

You can earn money by uploading files on internet. PPU stands for pay per upload. It is an easy way you can adopt to increase your earning in your spare time.

All you need is to get registered with following websites and get started.

  • upload.cash
  • sharecash.org
  • ziddu.com
  • hotfile.com
  • uploading.com
  • filebucks.org
  • docstoc.com
  • depositfiles.com
  • uploading.com
  • crocko.com
  • shareapic.net
  • dollarupload.com

16:     Making Money By Investing In BitCoins:

Nowadays people use to call it DIGITAL CURRENCY. Still, it’s not even official currency of any country around the globe. It sounds strange but it’s a reality. Bitcoins is invented by a Japanese economist in 2009 and now people are getting billionaire by investing in bitcoins.



It is not in physical shape that’s why people around the world called it digital currency. In 2013 it worth around 3 US Dollars but then makes it highest level in 2015 of more than 1500 USDs. That was the trust people showed in bitcoins. Now it’s around 500 USDs for a bitcoin. We will learn the tactics of investment in our tutorial section. Here I am sharing the list of platforms which you can use for investment and dealing in such coins.

  • Mega Coin
  • World Coin
  • Mint Coin
  • Digital Note
  • Boost Coin
  • Fair Coin
  • Digital Coin
  • Zeta Coin
  • Fly Coin
  • Cure Coin
  • Net Coin
  • Union Coin
  • Max Coin
  • Dark Coin
  • Lite Coin
  • Doge Coin
  • Dash Coin
  • Red Coin
  • Khan Coin
  • Ripple
  • Neu Coin
  • Capri Coin
  • Club Coin
  • Leo Coin
  • Peer Coin
  • Name Coin
  • Byte Coin
  • Ruby Coin
  • Grid Coin
  • Start Coin
  • Emer Coin
  • Grant Coin
  • Black Coin
  • Mona Coin
  • Amber Coin
  • Nova Coin
  • Casino Coin
  • Prime Coin
  • Fuel Coin
  • Pay Coin

18:     Make Money Via CPA Networks:

It’s another way of huge earning. CPA stands for cost per action. If any of your visitors click on a link, shared by your advertisers to whom you are affiliated with through your online profile such as website, channel or page, you’ll earn money for that. According to your agreement with your advertisers, action can be of different types like downloading a file, online shopping, membership or signup etc.

To earn money by CPA you just need to be partner with such networks. By promoting their offers through your platform, you will be paid by those networks.

Don’t worry we’ll learn complete course in our tutorial section. Here is the list of such networks from which you can choose some of your liking.

  • matomy.com
  • a4d.com
  • cpaway.com
  • w4.com
  • convert2media.com
  • adknowledge.com
  • clickdealer.com
  • affiliatecorssing.com
  • maxbounty.com
  • peerfly.com
  • neverblue.com
  • clickbooth.com
  • mundomedia.com
  • adworkmedia.com

19:     Make Money Through PTC Sites:

PTC (pay to click) sites is another way of earning online. Thus, it’s not a source of good earning but still you can earn some money from PTC.

To earn, you just need to click on the ads given by the below mentioned platforms after getting registered with them. Go through the list one by one and select which are convenient for you.

  • bitsforclicks.com
  • clixten.info
  • easyhits4u.com
  • r4bux.net
  • epicbux.net
  • infclix.com
  • btcclicks.com
  • clixsense.com
  • neobux.com
  • trafficmonsoon.com
  • buxvertise.com
  • getpaid.social
  • paidverts.com
  • advertisersjunction.com
  • mypayingads.com
  • epicclix.com
  • grandbux.net
  • freebitco.in
  • successbux.com
  • claimbtc.com
  • bonusbitcoin.com
  • expresspaid.net
  • moonbit.co.in
  • bitcoinzebra.com
  • pvtraffic.com

20:     Earn Money By Creating Online Shop/Store:

Given below is the list of such websites from where you can start your e-commerce store. You can sell both physical and digital products on these platforms you will find the built-in systems to create your first e-commerce store.


Just go through the list and select a source you feel comfortable with.

  • bigcommerce.com
  • shopify.com
  • magento.com
  • opencart.com
  • wordpress.org
  • kentico.com
  • woocommerce.com
  • prestashop.com
  • flickrocket.com
  • vertocommerce.com
  • opensolution.org
  • shopfactory.com

21:     Make Money Via Selling Web Hosting:

This is a profitable way of earning. Just start your own business of selling web hosting and domains. Many web hosting companies are offering their subletting or partnerships. All you need just setup a re-seller account with those web hosting platforms and start drawing a handsome amount.

  • ipage.com
  • arrivix.com
  • justhost.com
  • dreamhost.com
  • askforhost.com
  • 1and1.com
  • softlayer.com
  • top11hosting.com
  • site5.com
  • namecheap.com
  • hostgator.com
  • bluehost.com
  • hosterpk.com

22:     Make Money Online By Transcriptions Writing:

Many websites required the service of transcription writers. Most of the tasks are about to write transcriptions of audio files in text forms.

Below is the list of such websites where you can offer your services.

  • gettranscribed.com
  • fiverr.com
  • upwork.com
  • quicktate.com
  • scribie.com
  • speechink.com

23:     Earn Money Being a Translator:

If you are good in two or more languages and you can write translation of one language into other. You can get a handsome money by doing so. All you need to offer your services as a translator on given below sites by creating your account there and that’s it. You are all set to get money out there.

  • lingosaur.com
  • gengo.com
  • upwork.com
  • elance.com
  • guru.com
  • freelancer.com
  • proz.com
  • translationdirectory.com
  • translatorscafe.com
  • translatorbase.com
  • translatorstown.com

24:     Get Money By Participating in Online Surveys:

Easy way of getting money. Just participate and complete online surveys and get money against it. You can get register with following websites. They are offering surveys on consistent basis. Although, it’s not the way you can rely on earning point of view but at least you can keep it as part time earning source.

Following are the websites where you can participate in surveys and earn some money.

  • mysurvey.com
  • myview.com
  • permissionresearch.com
  • surveyspot.com
  • surveysavvy.com
  • swagbucks.com
  • testpin.com
  • viewbank.com
  • zoompanel.com
  • clearvoicesurveys.com
  • creationsrewards.net
  • gifthulk.com
  • globaltestmarket.com
  • myhotspex.com
  • inboxpounds.co.uk
  • memolink.com

25:     Make Online Money By Playing Online Games:

Do you enjoy online games? If so, just make it worth for you.

Many websites are offering money against play games. It is an interesting way of earning. We will discuss and learn it in detail in our tutorial section. Till then, create a free account on given below sites and enjoy the double treat.

  • paidgameplayer.com
  • slingo.com
  • teamliquid.net
  • virgingaming.com
  • worldwinner.com
  • gamesville.com
  • gamesradar.com
  • game-testers.net

26:     Make Money By Designing Apps:

If you can design mobile apps, following is the list of platforms where you can sell your creations and can earn huge money.


You can go through the list to take a good offer.

  • sellmyapplication.com
  • sellmyapp.com
  • apptopia.com
  • appsplit.com
  • appbackr.com
  • binpress.com

27:     Making Money Online By Sharing Links:

You can also earn money by sharing links on your online profile if you have traffic there such as, facebook, twitter, linkedin etc. when your visitors click on those links, it will generate money for you. To avail such source of income, go through the list and join one or more of them.

  • tweetpub.com
  • sponsordtweets.com
  • mylikes.com
  • paidpertweet.com

28:     Random Ways of Earning Money Online:

Following are the random ways of earning. You can use these for good earning.

  • payoneer.com– pays you $25 for each signup through your source.
  • skrill.com– pays you $.10 on each signup through your source.
  • facebook.com– pays you a handsome reward by reporting a bug.
  • paypal.com– pays you good money by identifying a problem in their system.
  • google.com– report anything bad and in reward google will give you something big.
  • qmee.com– you can make money by searching online on Google, Bing & yahoo.
  • notesale.co.uk– for selling notes which can result in generating money online.
  • findababysitter.com– take care of small babies and earn money.
  • myyour.co– rent out your house for shooting.


29:     If all of above didn’t make an impact on your earning, still there is a way left. Your social media interactions enable you to marry a rich man/woman to make life easier for you.


30:     I tried my best to give you all the ideas and source which one can think about online earning. Hope it will change your life but still needs your hard work and consistency. If all of above backfires for you (however there is no chance if you work accordingly), there is no way of earning left for you except begging online (Just kidding).



Article is getting lengthy so I am ending it here. Hope it will enable you to make an idea about online earning world and you’ll be in better position to choose right source of online income accordingly.

So what else you are looking for? Just start your online earning today and if you are already there just share your experience with new comers here. Enable them to get more out of it. Also, if you have any unique idea about online earning, let me know it by sharing it here. I’ll put it in the list for new comers to start with.

I’ll be glad to answer your question in comment box. Hope you’ll share it on Facebook, twitter, Google+ etc. with your friends. That’s all I have for you right now. See you on next article.

Stay blessed.

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